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For over 25 years Emmanuel Garant has distinguished himself as a professional artist. He is listed in Canadian Guide to Artists in Gallerys. His already flourishing career has enjoyed renewed vigour since 2000.As a contemporary neo-realist painter, the beauty of his work has earned the enthusiastic admiration of the literary circles. With sensibility and elegance several of his pieces have graced the covers of recent Romance novels, a fitting marriage of words and colour.
Romance Novel Covers
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"Writers and painters.....to your pens and brushes...!"

Cristaux de sagesse - Aline Giasson 2006
Cristaux de sagesse
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant
"Jeune fille aux marguerites"
Huile 30x24", Collection privée
LISE - Janine Tessier - Roman 2006
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, Jeune Femme au collier, Oil 24x12'',
Private Coll., Nevada (USA)
CONSTANCE - Janine Tessier - Roman 2005
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, Constance, Oil 24x18'', Artist’s Collection
Gaelic Heart - La rivières des promesses Vol. 4 Sonia Marmen  * Roman 2005
La Rivière des promesses
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, La rivière des promesses, Oil 24x18",
Artist’s Collection Gaelic Heart (vol.4) "The river of dreams"
Gaelic Heart - Land of Conquests,  Volume 3 * Sonia Marmen * Roman (2005)
La Terre des conquêtes
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, La terre des conquêtes, Oil 24x18",
Private Collection Gaelic Heart (vol.3)
The Fires of Dawn - Janine Tessier * Roman (2005)
Les Feux de l’aurore
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, Méditation. Oil 40x30'', Private Collection
Gaelic Heart - The Season of the Raven Vol. 2 * Sonia Marmen (2004)
La Saison des corbeaux
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, La saison des corbeaux,
Oil 24x18", Artist’s collection Gaelic Heart (vol.2)
The Pale Faced Savage * Jean-Pierre Trépanier (2004)
Le Sauvage blanc
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, Radisson and Des Groseilliers, Oil 24x18", Artist’s collection
Gaelic Heart - Valley of Tears, Volume 1* Sonia Marmen  (2003)
La Vallée des larmes
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, La vallée des larmes, Oil 40x30", Artist’s Collection
Gaelic Heart vol.1
The Artist’s Widow * Janine Tessier (2003)
La Veuve de l’artiste
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, La veuve de l'artiste, Oil 30x24", Private Collection
Torn Love *  Marie-Bernadette Dupuy ( 2003)
L’Amour écorché
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant, Au-delà des apparences, Oil 48x36", Private Collection
"Beaux Livres" Collection
Editor Henri Rivard
NELLIGAN - Émile Nelligan, complete poems 1896-1899
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant (Confiding) «Confidences» oil 51x61cm
Archambault Gallery Collection - Henri Rivard Editions 2003, pg 62-63
The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint Exupery (2000)
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant (The Little Prince) «Le petit Prince» oil 24x18" 
Archambault Gallery Collection - Henri Rivard Editions 2000, pg 74-75
The Works of  FELIX LECLERC - Volume 2 (1994)
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant (Rest Stop at the Historical St-Michel Chapel)
oil 36x 24" Archambault Gallery Collection - Henri Rivard Editions 1994, volume 2, pg 3794-380
The Art of  Teaching - Gaetan Morin (1999)
Cover Illustration © Emmanuel Garant (Uh...homework...!)
«Ah...les devoirs!» oil 16x 20" Editor’s Collection - Gaetan Morin, Editor 1999
Levis College - 150 Years in Education 1853-2003(2004)
Couv_150CollegeLevis_emmanuelgarant.jpg (27706 octets)
Illustration © Emmanuel Garant (The Old Sailors) «Les vieux marins» oil 24x 30"
Private Collection of Levis College 2004
Physio-Quebec_huile 24x18_Livre de chevet_autm1993.jpg (29350 octets)
Fall 1993
© Emmanuel Garant
"Bedside Novel"
oil 24x18"
Physio-Quebec_huile48x72_Un beaudimanchealacampagne_ete1992.jpg (33808 octets)
QUEBEC-PHYSIO- Spring 1992
© Emmanuel Garant
"A Beautiful Sunday in the Country"
oil 48x72"
Physio-Quebec_huile24x20_Confidences_autm1991.jpg (30066 octets)
Fall 1991
© Emmanuel Garant"
oil 24x20"

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