Emmanuel Garant
Portrait Painter
Huiles sur toile * Oils on canvas
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His home
La maison de mon enfance_emmanuelgarant.jpg (61465 octets)
Born in Lévis on June 5, 1953, he studied drawing and painting from 1973 to 1976 with his father, André Garant, and his mother, Louise Carrier, both fine arts painters celebrated in Quebec and in other countries. Emmanuel therefore grew up in an environment conducive to artistic endeavours and has rubbed shoulders with his parents’friends such as painter Jean-Paul Lemieux and numerous others…
His mother - Louise Carrier (1925-1976)
Naturemorteauxgeraniums_Aquarelle18,x27cm_Louise Carrier1974.jpg (71249 octets)
Louise Carrier
Nature morte aux géraniums (1974)
watercolour 18x27cm (private collection)
autoportrait-lcarrier.emmanuelgarant.jpg (48801 octets)
Louise Carrier
Autoportrait (1972)
oil (private collection)
Les pommes_huile8x10_Louise Carrier.jpg (58947 octets)
Louise Carrier
Les pommes (1974)
oil 8"x10" (private collection)

His father - André Garant (1923-2003)

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Aquarelle_andregarant.jpg (157826 octets)
André Garant
Québec vu du quartier
Notre-Dame de Lévis 1958
watercolour 55 x 74,5 cm
(Musée de Québec, collection)
huile_andregarant.jpg (96120 octets)
André Garant
"Hylas" 1982
oil, 122 x 86,5 cm (private collection)
louise enceinte_Huile_AndreGarant.jpg (56058 octets)
André Garant
"Louise enceinte"
oil (private collection)

Emmanuel Garant

In 1979, Emmanuel received a scholarship from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, intended to promote the development of young up-and-coming artists. He has exhibited in several Quebec art galleries. Emmanuel is outstanding as a portrait painter. This talent was acknowledged by his mother, Louise Carrier, a celebrated fine arts painter. 

Emmanuel Garant, Cheveux d'or,oil 20"x16"


He has succeeded in forging for himself a personal style enjoyed by connoisseurs. Emmanuel specializes in intimate portraits with an element of realism. Like Renoir, he knows how to discover freshness in a person’s features and succeeds in calling attention to a moving detail from which the entire painting draws its intimate character. From realism he retains the aspect of presence, sensitivity and objectivity towards his model.
Emmanuel Garant, Jeune femme au collier,
oil 24"x12"(Nevada USA)

As an interpreter of inner beauty and emotion, Emmanuel often puts his characters in a soft, romantic setting whose refinement gives his works their freshness and youth. Whether working on a composition, an interpretation, an official portrait, a landscape or a still life, he always injects life and feeling into his paintings.

Emmanuel Garant, Écho des Mers, oil 36"x24"

For over 25 years Emmanuel Garant has distinguished himself as a professional artist. He is listed in Canadian Guide to Artists in Gallerys. His already flourishing career has enjoyed renewed vigour since 2000. As a contemporary neo-realist painter, the beauty of his work has earned the enthusiastic admiration of the literary circles.
Emmanuel Garant, Matin fleuri, oil 24x18''

With sensibility and elegance several of his pieces have graced the covers of recent romance novels such as Cœur de Gaël  Tome 1-2-3-4 (Gaelic Heart Vol.1-2-3-4) by Sonia Marmen, Les Feux de l'aurore ( The Fires of Dawn) by Janine Tessier), Le Sauvage Blanc (The Pale Faced Savage by Jean-Pierre Trépanier), La Veuve de l’Artiste (The Artist’s Widow by Janine Tessier) and L'Amour écorché (Torn Love by Marie-Bernadette Dupuy).

Les éditions JCL 
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Emmanuel's works can be viewed at the Université Laval gallery, the College de Lévis, the National Bank of Canada (Montréal), the Montreal Casino, the Monastère des Augustines and the Ursulines de Québec, the city of Montréal, the Caisse Populaire Desjardins, the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis Foundation and in numerous private collections throughout Canada, Europe, the Caiman Islands and the United States. Several of his paintings were selected to illustrate deluxe book editions such as: Nelligan, Le Petit Prince by Saint-Exupéry, Les œuvres littéraires de Félix Leclerc, l’Hommage à Maria-Chapdelaine, Investir dans les œuvres d’art, L’art d’enseigner, 92 Transparences, to name a few.

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